~ News 2018 ~


Papanova`s All You Need Is Love got BOB Puppy at show this weekend. Congrats to hes owner Magnhild Bjørkeland. We are so proud of you <3


Welcome to the kennel Kimberbells I Belive In Mercy - Co owned with Kimberbells Kennel (Bente Sørli)

Today we got "home" a visitor,
Noble Pochahontas "Liz" is living with Anne and her husband, now she is back in hopes of getting a mating on her.
The lucky one is Mikkel.

~ News 2017 ~

Welcome to Norway
Noble Nadirs Django "Billy"
Today we got a new member in our kennel, and hes name is Billy. Co-owned with Kennel Kimberbells.

3 of the puppies are gone to their new home, the 4th is staying in the Kennel.
Papanova`s Angel Delight " Lilje "

Welcome to a new member of our pack
Beautiful Hope Fine Emily, co-owned with Kimberbells Kennel.

Puppies born 24.07.2017
After:  Lyckobacken`z  Quinn - Papanova`s Lille Pernille
2 female & 2 males

In April we got another new addition to our kennel.
Welcome Kilemars Rosie Rosé Wine "Rose"
Thank you breeder Birgit Kilemar for this beautiful princess.


Today Papanova`s Moonlight Shadow "Mix" traveled to hes new owner Birgit Kilemar in Kilemars Kennel Sweden.
Lots of luck with him, hoping he will give you lots of joy, we miss him already.


Early January this great guy came to Papanova`s Kennel.
He will be called Max, on the paper his name is Lyckobacken`z Quinn.
Max co owned with Kimberbell's Kennel - Bente Sørli.
Thank you breeder Inger Heldt for this beautiful prince.

~ News 2015 ~


Puppies born after Mizz Nikita and Tigern.
3 males and 1 female.

~ News 2014 ~

We always wanted to keep one puppy from the combination Nikita and Tigern.
There were 3 males and 1 female and the choice fell naturally on the female.
But after much back and forth we have also decided to keep one male from this litter.
So here they are Papanova`s Cadillac (Mikkel) and Papanova`s Jaguar (Sofie)


Our newest member have arrived, a little beautiful Kleinspitz girl from Minigårdens Kennel.
Here name is Minigården`s Coco Chanel, daily we will call her Chanel.
Thank you Marianne Søgaard Nilsen for giving us this opportunity.

Our new Phalène litter is born, 3 boys and a girl.

~ News 2013 ~

She did it AGAIN.
No uch NV-12 Papanova's Bellami-Bear Bianca at DOGS4ALL 2013 got a new title Norwegian Veteran Winner 2013
Thank you Toril Paulsen for showing here :)

Verlaine D Priamont D' L Perceneige sired some beautiful puppies in Stavanger.
More info on the puppies you can find here: http://www.idesiden.com/phalene/

Papanova`s Justin Bieber has left Norway and gone to Russia to live as a show dog. Good luck with him Larissa.

Papanova`s Selena Gomez has left our kennel and startet here new life in Porsgrunn. Good luck with here!

Verlaine D Priamont D' L Perceneige PRA FRI
Lilium Tiger av Ea´s Garden PL  & PRA FRI

3 puppies are born after Nikita and Valle all of them are doing greate.

~ News 2012 ~

Soon this year will be ower and we cant wait to start on a NEW YEAR.
Hoping for good health, much laughter, new friends and lots of love.
Want to wish all my visitors a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

A sad day, today we lost our love Missy
ou will always be in our hearts and we will NEVER forget you.

All of our puppies are sold.
We are planning a new litter somtime in the winter after "Missy" and "Tigern"

New look on our website.

New pictures from our trip to the sea, and pictures of little Elize

Finally, our little girl came home.

We are expecting a new little girl not too long, we are looking forward to it :)

Welcome to our Kennel Wendi & Copa

Nikita left for here new home..

Lots of luck with her Veronica, I hope that Rihanna gets a new playmate!

R.I.P Wilma <3

Soon will our new addition to the gang move home, we look forward to our new little girl coming :)
More info to come later!


Papanova's Dark Secret was brought to its new owner at Gardermoen today.
Hes called Harry and live with hes new owner Eirin in Tromsø.
Lots of luck with the little boy, hope he brings you much happiness in the years to come!
Photo: Eirin Olsen.

Want to welcome a new dog to our kennel.
Verlaine D Priamont D 'L Perceneige (Valle)
A beautiful phalene boy from Switzerland.
Hes co-owned with Arnhild Rauland (Kennel Mirramiss) & Elise Alvegg (Eas Garden)