~ Our story ~

We are established in Aurskog, not far from Oslo - the capital city of Norway.
Mona is from Brumunddal but moved to Aurskog in 2007.
Lasse was born and raised here.
We also have a little princess daughter named Celine born in 2010 and a prince named Kevin born in 2017.

We both grew up with dogs Collie, Dach, Schefer, Volpino Italeano, Kleinspitz, Papillon, Phalene and some mixed dogs.
So it was no doubt that when we moved in together that there may be dogs :)
Our passion besides dogs are computers and games. Mona also do some web design and websites - a self-taught hobby she started in 2005.

~ The story about Papanova's Kennel ~

As of today 18.02.2020 there are 8 dogs in the kennel. 5 of them are living with us
Pernille, Lilje, Max, Emely and Mikkel.
Izzi and Vicky is living with Anne on Kl°fta and Billy with Kari in Aurskog.

Papanova's Kennel was originally started in 1993 by Mona's mother Tove Andersen, with the breeds Papillon & Phalene.
In 2002, a new breed brought into the kennel, this time it was Kleinspitz, it ended with my mother went away from the papillon and phalene and devoted here entire time to the new breed.
In June 2005 me Mona got to be a co-owner in the kennel with my phalenes.
In February 2009, unfortunately Tove died of brain hemorrhage only 46 years old, and in May 2009 i received a letter that i was the only owner of the kennel.
Still as of today 01.07.2012 i am the only owner of the kennel and this is how i want it to continue!
I co-own 1 male with Kennel Kimberbells.

I havent got a breeding factory but a small living breeding of Phalene.
All puppies that are born here is growing up in the living room to be considered as family members.
The purpose of our breeding is to breed healthy, and typical dogs with good temperament.
The pups will NOT be delivered from here before the age of 8 weeks, vaccinated and registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club.
I also provide a puppy pack with some accessories.

Welcome to look through our homepage to see upcomming litters and past litters and much more :)